Aston Martin’s new boss tells us about the future of the company

The life of a car company is not an easy one; as Tesla CEO Elon Musk has often noted, “[a]s of 2016, the number of American car companies that haven’t gone bankrupt is a grand total of two.” Aston Martin isn’t American, but it has gone bankrupt in the past—more than once, in fact. Founded in 1913, it has at times been owned by industrialists as well as the Ford Motor Company, but today it finds itself publicly listed on the London stock exchange, trading at a much cheaper price than its initial offering in 2018.

At the same time, it has a product portfolio that now includes that must-have—an SUV—as well as an increased presence in Formula 1. Perhaps more importantly, it also signed a technology transfer agreement with Mercedes-AMG that gives the small marque access to the latest and greatest in powertrain technology. And the British company has a new CEO: German businessman Tobias Moers. Moers joined the company in 2020 after more than two decades at Daimler AG, most recently as head of… Mercedes-AMG.

Recently, Ars met up with Moers (via Zoom) to talk about electrification and the future of James Bond’s brand of choice.