Ford reveals pricing for the F-150 Lightning Pro work truck

Last week, Ford revealed the F-150 Lightning, its long-awaited electric pickup truck. At the start of the new work week, the automaker offered up some information about the entry-level versions of the F-150 Lighting, which it is targeting at the commercial market. This version will be called the F-150 Lightning Pro.

The standard-range F-150 Lightning Pro can travel approximately 230 miles on a single charge, and as we found out last week, will cost $39,974 before incentives or tax credits.

What we didn’t know was how much of a premium Ford would charge for the extended range version. This model is capable of about 300 miles on a single charge, and will be supplied with an 240 V, 80 A (called the Charge Station Pro) that can fill the battery to 100 percent in eight hours. As it turns out, the electric pickup with the bigger battery will go on sale at $49,974 before incentives and tax credits.

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