By the numbers: What we’ve learned from the Epic Games v. Apple trial

Arguments in the pitched legal battle between Epic and Apple over control of the iOS App Store are set to wrap up in the next few days. From the opening arguments onward, the legal maneuvering has involved plenty of arcane points of fact and law, from the precise definition of the market in question to the effectiveness of Apple’s iOS security procedures to the definition of “game” itself.

Amid all that wrangling, the case has also given the general public increased visibility into the numbers that drive Apple’s and Epic’s businesses. We’ve already taken a deep dive into the money-losing metrics behind the Epic Games Store revealed at the trial. Here’s a quick run-down of some more interesting numbers presented in court highlighting the relative sizes of the iOS gaming business—and Fortnite in particular.

(Unless otherwise noted, all the numbers here come from company evidence presented in court documents or testimony in the court itself.