8 Professional Email Signature Templates to Drive Sales

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Do you hear that? Ping-Pong. Ping-Pong. That’s emails getting dropped into inboxes every millisecond. According to Statista, there were 319 billion emails sent yesterday. There will be 319 billion emails sent today, tomorrow, and every single day this year.

Next year that number will go up to 333 billion daily emails worldwide and by 2023 that number will be 347 billion daily emails sent. 

The funny part is that on average only 20% of those emails get opened and only 2% get clicks based on data from Benchmarkemail.

Email signatures used to be something that was nice to have at the end of our emails. Not anymore. 

Professional Email Signature Templates to Drive Sales

These days email signatures have become a crucial part of our content arsenal to get our recipient to click through in our email and check out our website.

If you do not have a polished and professional email signature with a clear call to action in your email – you’re missing out on potential clicks and sales.

What do people want from an email signature?

The question most of my readers ask me after skimming through examples is: How do I use email signatures to increase traffic and sales for my businesses?

Here I will review and analyze eight email signature templates you can use to increase clicks in emails you send to others — and in turn, drive sales for your business.

Growth Marketer Email Signature 


Take a look at Devin’s signature above, pay attention to the following:

  • This is not some fancy designed signature, it’s pretty bare-bones and it gets the job done
  • Devin’s photo establishes trust with the recipient right away
  • Even if you’re not into sports, this third party validation establishes legitimacy right away “The Official Communications Partner of Pac-12”
  • Notice the link and call to action is not the company homepage but instead a targeted landing page for Inbound Call Center Solution. This landing page has a chatbot that talks to the visitor, prequalifies them as a lead and collect’s their contact information.

This is a rather simple email signature, with not a lot of design pizzaz in it. But you can see how Devin establishes trust with anyone he emails and gets them to click and land on a specific page on his website where he can measure engagement. 

The Inbound Call Center landing page which Devin displays prominently in his signature asks whoever clicks that link to opt into a conversion funnel. Devin can measure the impact of the click-through rate and opt-in rate on that page easily.

Marketing Manager Email Signature 


What do you see when you squint your eyes at Mark’s signature? Your eye probably goes to the area with the most contrast – the giant “schedule a demo” button. Ha! Pay attention to the following:

  • You can see Mark hired a designer to work on his signature
  • The treatment on his photo along with the font used for “Kind Regards” and the overall design and color scheme of the signature makes you appreciate what Mark does
  • Based on the aesthetics of this email a recipient might be more inclined to click through on the call to action
  • Including the social profiles in the signature along with the address helps build more trust with the recipient
  • Schedule a demo link is a bit too forward but there is a link to the homepage as well for those who are not quite ready to get a demo

Where is your signature designer?

Most of us do not have a designer on our staff who we can quickly ask to create our email signature, so I love very bare-bones examples of email signatures such as this one below:


Here is what you should pay attention to in Nicole’s simple and yet very actionable email signature above:

  • It’s minimalistic, there is no email address or phone number but it establishes trust with the personal image
  • Notice the call to action is her latest blog post about Google Ads for eCommerce, and if you click on the link for the blog post you will see an email capture form on the blog 
  • By taking away all other elements of the signature and just asking people to read her latest article and opt-in if they’re interested in the topic she is simply pre-qualifying her leads 
  • The company logo is linked to the StoreYa homepage so people can still check out the site if they’d like to

What about a mobile signature?

I want to show you one last variation on this type of email signature, below is my own email signature from a few years ago. What I have found is that images take time to load on mobile devices and do not always load properly in different email clients.

I removed images from my email signature, this is pure text and loads beautifully on any device and email client:


Dmitry Dragilev

Founder @ JustReachOut 

Attract journalists. Pitch with relevance. 

Latest Blog Post: list here.

About | Blog | Course


Pay attention to the following in my own mobile email signature:

  • I omit all the traditional parts of an email signature such as an address, phone number, etc.
  • I focus purely on click-throughs to my main website and my blog post
  • I did add a few general links of About/Blog/Course
  • The Small Business Marketing Tools blog post has an opt-in for 62 email templates for marketing in the sidebar — that’s my main way to capture qualified leads
  • As you can see by taking away all the other information I am asking the recipient to only click on the links in my signature if they’re interested in the topic — I’m prequalifying them

Blogger Email Signature 


There are a few eye-popping details in Clinton’s email signature below:

  • His name is a GIF animation, if you’re viewing an email from him your eyes are immediately glued to this area on the entire email
  • The calls to action are full of contrast and draw attention: “See my photos” or “Follow My Channel” 
  • Social channel links along with image establish credibility and trust for the recipient to click on of the calls to action

Are you a blogger or influencer?

If you’re not a blogger but are an influencer or a photographer or creative you can use this signature template to think through what you’d like to have as your main call to action in your signature. 

Author Email Signature


Loretta is an author and we know that right away by that big call to action to order her book.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Even if Loretta does not have a book published yet she can change the call to action to be “Sign up and get notified when my book is out” or “Preorder my book now.”
  • Third-party validation and testimonials are important for authors – notice that Loretta is showing all her social profiles in her signature – this builds trust
  • Playing around with color contrast could potentially help you get more clicks, for example, if Loretta changed the “order my book” call to action to be the same purple color as the area with her name it could boost her clicks

Photographer Email Signature


What’s the first thing you see in Dan’s signature?

The first thing we see when we look at Dan’s signature (above) is himself deep at work behind a camera and that amazing shot of a lion from a 4min film on YouTube. We can also see Dan’s YouTube channel has 122K views. Impressed yet? I bet that you will click on that video. 

Pay attention to the following:

  • Your eye always goes to an area with the most contrast. Dan’s personal photo and the lion are those two places in this email signature.
  • Showcasing your work right inside a signature is an amazing way to get people to click through to your website – who would not click on that video of a lion?
  • The stats of 122K views on this one video is an amazing boost to Dan’s third-party validation – it establishes trust and gets prospective customers to click through and reach out to him

HR Email Signature


Amy is an HR manager and we know right away that she is hiring. Look at that bold call to action – you can’t miss it. Even if you don’t read her email text at all and skim over her image you will see that green button letting you know she is hiring.

Pay attention to the following:

  • Amy knows that if people are looking for a new job they first need to learn about the company and its culture so having social media links for the company is a must
  • The email signature is very basic, not a lot of design pizzaz, but it includes all the minimal basic information Amy thinks her prospective applicants might review before clicking the green button
  • The call to action leads to a page where Amy asks them some questions about what they’re looking for, takes their contact information, and then shows some open positions 

Over to You

Email signatures are one of the most overlooked marketing channels to drive targeted clicks to your website and increase sales.

Represent yourself and your company well.

An email signature goes on all the emails you send back and forth every single day, it’s viewed by people who might be interested in your offering and simply do not know about it. 

It’s your job to have the most up-to-date targeted call to action in your email signature. If you have a generic email signature with a simple link to your homepage you’re simply missing out.

Show your stuff.

Make sure to show people your most popular video, your best blog post, or ask them to engage with you by sharing a targeted landing page in your email signature. 

I’m turning this over to you now, take these templates above and improve your email signature to get more clicks and drive more sales for your business.

Image Credit: wisestamp; thank you!

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