Compromised credentials? Google can now change website passwords for you

Google has taught the Google Assistant a fun new trick: it can now change your website passwords for you.

We’ll still need to see how this feature works in the real world, but Google’s demo says you’ll be able to tap a single button to have Google register a new password with whatever site you’re on.

Google is combining a few puzzle pieces to make this happen. Google Password Manager has long been able to store your passwords thanks to integration into Chrome and Android. It has also been able to generate secure passwords, making it easy to register a new account. Google scans your credentials against a big list of compromised usernames and passwords every time you log in, and if it detects bad credentials, the “Check Password” screen will pop up. In the past, this screen has left the next steps up to you, but a “change password” button from the Google Assistant will now appear on supported sites.