24-inch M1 iMac teardown finds… not that much inside, actually

iFixit has begun a teardown of the new, M1-equipped 24-inch iMac that was released to the public just last week, and so far the finding has been that there’s not a whole lot to find in there.

One thing to keep in mind: there is a version of the 24-inch iMac with seven GPU cores and another with eight. iFixit is tearing down the eight-core version, and that’s relevant because the cooling system differs between the two, so this isn’t exactly representative of every 24-inch iMac Apple is shipping.

Most of the components, including the logic board, can be found in the iMac’s chin. Since this is an M1 Mac, there is obviously not a separate GPU, and most of the key components are on the SoC. That means that upgrading the RAM or the GPU is not a possibility. iFixit compares the logic board to that found in the M1 MacBook Air.

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